Piickme – Ride With Freedom

Piickme Ltd. is more than just a ride-sharing platform in Bangladesh. We utilize data and technology to improve everything from transportation to payments across a region of more than 166 million people in Bangladesh. Working with governments, riders, users, and the community, our target is […]

QCOOM-Multi Vendor Marketplace

Qcoom is international business-to-business online platform. It connects businesses to global manufacturers. UsingĀ  Qcoom, a business can find a manufacturer to create bulk products and have them imported into their country. It is the biggest multi vendor E commerce website. Any one can sell or […]

The Earth Express

The Earth Express is a most popular online news-portal in Bangladesh, published from Dhaka in the Bengali language.Based on circulation, The Earth Express is the largest online newsportal in Bangladesh.The online portal of The Earth Express is the most visited Bangladeshi and Bengali website in […]

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